Peppermint Bark Brownies and a Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I made you some Peppermint Bark Brownies--I hope you like them!  They're yummy and easy to make--a perfect Christmas dessert!  I'll give you the recipe in case you or Mrs. Claus want to make them.  

Want to hear something funny?  When my dad was a kid, he never really believed in you.  You see, they didn't have a chimney in their house, and so at Christmastime my grandfather would put a big piece of cardboard onto the wall with a fireplace painted on it.  That's where they would hang their stockings, and that's where he said Santa would come into the house to deliver the presents.  My dad found this a little a dubious and never really bought it.  

I, on the other hand, always believed in you.  Even though I also found the chimney thing a little hard to believe (I mean, if you're supposed to be so fat, how are you going to fit down someone's chimney?  Besides, you'd get your nice red suit all dirty at the first house.) I figured if you have elves and flying reindeer you're not going to have any trouble finding a magical way to get into people's houses.  What I always wanted to know was how do you manage to slow down time to get to every kid's house on the same night?  But I knew you were real. I never doubted it.  (Except that time the neighbor kid told me there was no Santa, but what does he know?  His No-Santa theory was full of holes, anyway.  I mean, who eats the cookies the kids leave out if there's no Santa?)  Thank you for the notes you always left for me every Christmas telling me how good I was and to always listen to my parents. (Did you know your hand-writing looks a lot like my Dad's?)

I remember driving home from Grandma's house every Christmas Eve looking frantically out the window scanning the sky for the red glow of Rudolph's nose, and listening for sleigh bells.  My dad or one of my big brothers would sometimes spot you saying, "Look!  There he is! I see him!"  I would lean towards the window trying desperately to see, but before I could catch a glimpse of your famed reindeer-drawn sleigh, I would always hear a disappointed, "Aw, you missed him.  He's gone.  But he was up there all right!"

Anyway, my Christmas list this year has some really easy items on it, like a heat-resistant spatula set and a small cookie scoop.  There are some long shots on there like a new car and a better paying job. And although, I'm pretty positive that on Christmas morning I'm not going to see a new car in the driveway or a terrific job offer letter under the tree, why take chances on not asking?  And there are some nearly impossible requests on my list, but since I want them with all my heart, I couldn't leave them off, like for my family to all live in the same city and for my Grandma to not have Alzheimer's anymore.  I'd give anything to hear her funny advice or to make Chrusciki with her.  Although I enjoy and appreciate your presents every year, it has always really been family that makes Christmas special.  As it should be.

Fly safe, Santa!


PS.  Here's that recipe:

Peppermint Bark Brownies

Your favorite brownie recipe or a package of your favorite brownie mix
2 cups white chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
12 candy canes

Start off by making a 9 x 13 pan of your favorite brownies.  

While the brownies are cooling unwrap the candy canes and put them in a ziplock bag.  Using a rolling pin or a meat mallet, crush the candy canes into little pieces.

After the brownies are cool, melt the white chocolate chips together with oil in a heat safe bowl over a pot of boiling water, stirring gently.  When completely smooth, spread melted chocolate over brownies.  Sprinkle candy cane bits over the white chocolate.  (I like to press the larger bits gently into the melted chocolate, because they have a tendency to pop off when the chocolate is cool.)  Let cool completely before serving (about a couple hours).  I recommend cutting the brownies before the chocolate is completely cool while it is still a little soft and has some give to it.  Otherwise, the white chocolate will crack while you are trying to cut it.  

Enjoy!  God Bless and Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice, Mary! They look so festive, and you make a great elfette! ~Jeanne :)

  2. First, YUM! I can't wait to try those delicious brownies! Second, that was a great letter to Santa. There is no reason he shouldn't bring you your dream job. I am sure you were very good this year. Plus, it isn't as if it is too heavy for his sleigh. -Kat

  3. These were fantastic! Loved them so much I ate two. You are amazing, Mary - Stacey


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