A Poem for Grandma

In memory of Regina

Death came last week.
His visit wasn't sudden.
He didn't come unannounced.
He gave his name at the door,
And waited patiently for his charge,
So patiently
I'd almost forgotten he was there.
He knocked loudly before entering.
He knocked loudly and long.
We knew what would happen.
Then he took her
And was gone.

I'd never met Death before.
We only saw each other from afar. 
But now I have seen him.
I felt him brush past my sleeve 
As he whisked her away.
He did not say it was to relieve her suffering.
He did not say it was to take her to a better place.
No, Death did not speak.
Death did not reassure me.
With quiet, morbid confidence
Death did his job
And went upon his way.

Loss came afterward.
He barged in 
And made himself at home.
He rummaged through my heart,
Playing sorrowful music
On the precious memories stored there.
He turned a hot spotlight
Upon the empty space she left behind.
He kept whispering her name,
Long into the lonely hours.

I could watch Death come
And I could bear it,
If it wasn't followed
By that awful Loss.

The fabulous Regina 1920-2012
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Polka-dancer


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