A Visitor and a Wrong Turn - Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Poetry stayed with me awhile longer. We sat alone, just we two, and she listened as I poured my heart out about that fearful accident. She let me tell her of all my worries and my fears, the headaches and the pain, the bad memories it brought up. It's so easy to tell her the absolute truth. She didn't mind if I cried. She didn't mind at all. In fact, she seemed glad to gather all my pain. She pulled at my innermost thoughts, from the very darkest regions of my mind. She probed my psyche like a most adept psychologist and found a collection of disowned thoughts. These, she wove into a bitter tale and gave me yet another gift.

And though Poetry has often given me profound and beautiful gifts, she sometimes gives me something I don't want. But I have learned never to refuse any gift from her. She is easily offended, and I wouldn't want her to stop coming to visit.


Alone in the Darkness

Am I not allowed to enter darkness?
Am I not allowed to feel despair?
Will no one deign to see my pain?
Will no one join me there?

The world in all its sparkle
Has no time for those dark knights
Whose path may cross with terror
And too many terrible sights.

When fear grips your heart,
And loss tears your soul,
Who will link their arm with yours,
And help you pay the toll?

But the social whirlwind of today
Has no time for others’ nightmares
They can’t see my scarred thoughts,
They can’t hear my anguished prayers.

But still I cry and look around,
Through this dark battle that I’m in,
And ask , “Will no one stand with me?
Will no one even know if I should win?

So, the age-old adage is so true,
This fall of mine has shown:
“Laugh and the world laughs with you,
Cry and you cry alone.”