A Quilt for Scout

This chick's got game.  She knows the score.  She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  She's no damsel in distress.  She's my 3 year old niece, Scout.

Her full name is Scarlet Reagan, which is a gorgeous name, but one look at her big, daring blue eyes and that head of sassy, reddish brown curls and you know the name Scout fits her to a tee.  Scout is the best gal pal every man, woman and child is going to want to have in their lives.  She's bold.  She fun.  She's mad about the color pink.  She likes sparkly things.  She wears sunglasses all the time to keep a cool profile. And she's always up for a good caper.

Scout loves books and cuddling, and can't get enough of either one.   Her favorite animal is a kitten and when she pretends to be one, her cute little meowing is irresistible.   When asked what she wanted for Christmas a year ago, she didn't hesitate a moment with the words "pink helicopter."   And when she opened it up, the excited shout of glee upon seeing that hot pink chopper reverberated through several states.  I don't know any other little girl who would want a pink helicopter, but that's Scout.

She and her brother are two peas in a pod.  They do everything together and have a sibling relationship that most adults would be envious of.  They love each other with abandon, and they always have each other's back.   When one of them is up to something, the other one always on the look out.  There's no doubt these two have a connection that started in heaven.

When my sis-in-law told us there was another little one on the way so soon after her and my brother's first child, Dallas, I was both overjoyed and slightly protective of my perfect little nephew.   He deserved a playmate--someone to go trick-or-treating with and build couch cushion forts with--but at the same time, I thought... how dare they?  It reminds me of favorite family tale, a scene that took place years ago:  When my Dzia Dzia (my grandfather) was told that my mom was pregnant for the second time, he scooped up my eldest brother, who was only ten months old, and held him tightly in his arms as if my parents had just declared their intention to sell him on the black market.   But with Scout, just as it happened years ago, when baby number two came along, the entire family fell completely in love.

When I heard it was a girl on the way, I rummaged through mental images of cutsie pink quilts and decided any child of my brother's needs something different from the normal baby girl quilt.  I designed something elegant and quaint.  Pink columns surrounded by soft green blocks with a cream-colored border was perfect for Scout.   And a thin, bold line of dark brown was the key piece to pull it all together.